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‚ÄčLinda Ellis

Author, Speaker, Poet

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"One of the most difficult lessons in life to learn is that..less is usually more.  And, that's what I love about this beautiful poem.  In 239 words, it captures the essence of life.  Our goal by offering equally beautiful Dash and Live Your Dash products is to keep that message alive 365 days a year.  Just one

more thing...not only will the poem provide inspiration for your life, it also makes a beautiful gift

for friends, family, and customers."   Mac Anderson, Founder of Inspire Kindness‚Äč

Linda Ellis started writing poems as a child, a talent inherited from her Irish grandmother. She grew up in Florida and then lived in New York for several years. However, her southern roots kept calling her home so she settled in Georgia where she now lives with her family and a menagerie of pets. She spent years working in the corporate world, but after her poems were first shared on a syndicated radio program in 1994, an alternative career began to emerge and she soon came to the realization that her true passion was in creative writing. 

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