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Usage Rights for The Dash

1996-2017 Copyright Inspire Kindness, LLC.  ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

‚ÄčThe Dash Poem was written by Linda Ellis and is copyrighted material owned by Inspire Kindness, LLC.  In general, this means that the poem may not be printed or distributed in any form without written permission from Inspire Kindness, LLC. 

We understand that the Dash Poem is impactful and special and that it may seem to be for public use.  We are committed to protecting and sharing the message of the poem and making a difference in the lives of others.  But, the Dash Poem is protected the same as a song, best-selling novel, textbook and, yes, believe it or not, the King James version of the Bible;  which is copyrighted by the British Crown.

Here are a few answers to popular questions we receive from fans of the Dash Poem.

Can I read the poem at a funeral or event?

  • Reciting Linda Ellis' work (with author attribution) at any public gathering is always permitted (and appreciated).  
  • Distributing written copies of the poem at a funeral or event is prohibited unless you purchase 50 or more of our beautiful wallet cards.  We offer wallet cards with the poem for sale on our website at and you receive a one-time license to print the poem in a funeral program for a single event.

Can I make copies of the poem?

  • You may not make copies of The Dash poem or distribute copies of the poem without written permission from Inspire Kindness, LLC.  This includes digital copies such as email newsletters, websites, and blogs. 
  • We are inclined to provide you with permission to use the poem in written and digital form if you are a registered charity.
  • We are inclined to provide you with permission to include the poem on your personal blog or social media platform if you include author attribution and a link to

REMEMBER, In ALL CASES you must have written permission copy, publish or distribute the poem from Inspire Kindness, LLC.  

Thank you for respecting our copyrights.  We work hard to ensure that the poem retains it's original form and message in order that it may continue to touch each person in a positive way.